The (Totally True) Stories Behind That Iconic Dubinsky Photo

Kirk Irwin / Getty Images

From the perspective of anyone who is not a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, there were so many euphoric elements to last night’s Penguins / Columbus Blue Jackets playoff game. I have been a diehard Brandon Dubinsky fan since both of our rookie seasons (his first playing for the Rangers, my first watching the Rangers), so it’s not too difficult to guess which snapshot moment of last night’s overtime win was my favorite.

But there’s more to this iconic picture—this indelible moment—than the capturing of the mere otherworldly euphoria of tying a playoff game with under 30 seconds left in regulation time. No, my friends; there is much more to be learned from this fine assortment of pixels. We’ve heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and, indeed, this one is no exception.

To uncover some of the hidden secrets of this photo, let’s make some notations and analyze what’s really going on here:

(Click to enlarge!)

A) Shoutout to @JosieMist for bringing this to my attention. Dunno what everyone else in the picture is looking at, because they’re missing all the action. Forget Stacy, this couple’s got it going on. Move over, Vancouver Riot Couple! Shove off, V-J Day Sailor-Nurse Kiss! There’s a new iconic victory/chaos makeout bonanza in town—and they’ve got a freakin’ canon in the background to accentuate their impassioned smoochfest.


B) The shade of this man’s face is quite alarming. He looks like Pepto-Bismol incarnated. And his head seems to be vaguely disembodied, like it’s about to detach from his body and float up into the empty rafters of Nationwide Arena.

C) Is he knighting him?

D) Or blessing him?

E) The ultimate torture: The sneeze that never happens. God bless his soul.

F) The explanation for Dubinsky’s expression?

G) To whom does this leg belong? Is he/she okay? If not, can I have those pants?

H) It sort of looks like someone morphed Person B’s head into an approximation of Elvis and then strategically placed it in a different part of the picture, like a hockey-themed Where’s Waldo? game, but with dead rockstars.


Ah, the beauty of photography.


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