Mum[my]’s the Word | Doctor Who Season 8: Episode 8

This week’s “recap” will consist of only a collection of Oods and Ends, given that I’m away on vacation and, totally coincidentally, also have nothing whatsoever to say about this episode because it bored me to tears. Over the past few weeks of recapping Doctor Who I’ve beaten several topics to death already—so much so that they’re in danger of becoming undead vampire mummies themselves—and I don’t see that there is much to be gained by harping on them further. So, some quick thoughts:

Oods and Ends:

  •  Obvious best line of this episode: “Are you my mummy?” Somewhere, Christopher Eccleston is furiously burning a pile of gas masks in effigy.
  •  Theme: The Twelfth Doctor’s “potency” w/r/t time, as evident by the emphasis on exactly 66 seconds.
  •  I’ve had it up to here with Clara’s wigs. I feel like she’s cosplaying herself. It’s weird.
  • She looks like a showgirl.
  • I hate her.
  • What happened to them being in a fight and Clara never stepping foot in the TARDIS ever again? Was that just my own Mirror of Erised speaking?
  •  I’m so glad Clara peeled away that one promising layer of righteous humanity in order to slip back into a doe-eyed, gooey caricature of smitten nubility. Character development!
  •  I’m also really glad that the writers managed to include two female scientists in that train car with the Doctor, only to have them melt passively into the background with the Albert Einstein lookalike while the white men had all the fun.
  •  The Doctor is an asshole.
  •  Like a really big asshole.
  •  …But wait! He’s not that big of an asshole, because really he was just pretending to be an asshole, so that he could be in a better position to save the day and impress Clara with his impressive and totally not hyperaware “heroism.”
  •  Here’s my issue. I’m simply not okay with the fact that the central mystery of this season—and on a smaller scale, each individual episode—seems to be: how big of a dickhead is the Doctor really? Obnoxious mannerisms and a total disregard for the safety of others in the name of #science can be deceiving!!!11! Really he just tries to Do The Right Thing! Oh, Doctor. Get in line.

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