2015 Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees in Two Words or Fewer

"Hi! My name's Oscar. I'm a Man."
“Hi! My name’s Oscar. I’m a Man.”

Who’s pumped for Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony? I know I am. The diverse array of nominees in all categories reflects the equally diverse makeup of the longstanding Academy. Everything nominated is awesome, and absolutely nothing was overlooked.

To that effect, I understand that it can be difficult to keep track of the many multifaceted films that will be featured on the big stage this coming weekend. No reason to fear, intrepid cinemaphiles: I racked my brain to come up with concise summaries of all the Best Picture nominees so that you can easily differentiate between the films when it comes time to cast your ballots. Behold:

Film-by-Film Summaries of the 2015 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture:


Great Man

The Theory of Everything:

Great Man


Great Man

The Imitation Game:

Great Man

American Sniper:

Great? Man


?Great Man

The Grand Budapest Hotel:

Quirky Man




Whew! There you have it. Godspeed to all our glorious Men!


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